The Lady, Stones and People – best film of the 3rd International Archaeology Film Festival in Split (MFAF)

The French film The Lady, Stones and People by Paul Rambaud and Claude Delhaye, a documentary about the Lady of Elche, masterpiece of Iberian art, is the best film of the 3rd International Archaeology Film Festival in Split, that ended Friday evening by the award ceremony at the Museum of Croatian Archaeological Monuments in Split. The festival jury referred to it as the "most integral film at the festival in which the ethical, aesthetic and thematic dimension blend into a harmonious whole".

The second prize was awarded to another French film – Riot at the Dam by Jean-Luc Bouvret that speaks about the demonstrations organized in protest of the dam construction in Portugal, at the site abounding in prehistoric finds. The third prize was awarded to the documentary The Enamel Dome by Mohammad Ehsani, a story about vandalism and archaeological monuments and thus one of the most serious problems of world heritage.

All three prizes are replicas of the sculpture Croatian King by Vasko Lipovac, kept at the Museum of Croatian Monuments and a diploma.

The audience award went to Vedran Kundić, director of the film The Making of a Replica of the Stone Pluteus from the Church of St. Peter the Great in Dubrovnik.

This year's festival gathered 17 films from 10 countries as well as many guests. Films in competition covered very diverse and interesting archaeology topics from Croatia, France, US, Greece, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Iran, Italy and Slovenia.

The festival program also had two presentations. Frédéric Mougenot, curator in charge of the Domestic life collections at the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations in Marseille (MuCEM) presented this exceptional museum, and Rujana Jeger, well-known author and archaeologist spoke about Dogs in the Middle Ages, which was the last part of the festival program before the award ceremony.

Member of the international festival jury were: Diana Nenadić, film critic, president, Ph.D. Tonći Burić, museum and scientific adviser (MHAS), Boris Poljak, cinematographer and director, Ph.D. Brian Willems, associate professor at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in Split and Jasen Boko, dramaturgist and journalist.

The festival was officially closed by Lada Laura MFAF directress inviting the wide audience to follow the next, 4th International Archaeology Film Festival that will be held in Split in 2016.