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    Crkvine, Cista Velika

    The archaeological site Crkvine is located in the village Cista Velika (Trono in the late Antiquity) in Imotska krajina, approximately 200 m south of the parish church St. Jacob and the main road Trilj- Imotski that runs along the ancient road Tilurij-Narona. From 1993 to 2007, remains of an extensive complex of ancient secular, early Christian and early mediaeval sacral structures that are surrounded by respective graveyards were discovered and presented in terms of an archaeological park. The complex was established next to an erstwhile karst pool in which fragments of pots from prehistoric times and the Bronze Age were found. The remains of five different churches that were constructed on these fundaments between the mid- 5th and the beginning of the 10th century, indicate to the changes which have been occurring in this area during the late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages. Two cisterns for rainwater as well as appurtenant structures, including the baptistery with the baptismal font, were revealed within the same complex.

    The opulent collection of moveable finds from this location consists of fragments of ancient tombstones, early Christian stone furnishings, pieces of fresco-painted plaster, glass, bone, ceramic and metal objects as well as exemplars of Roman coins.